Soul in Motion

By | 14th April 2023
Date: 31st December 2023
Time: Doors open 7pm
Location: Lydney Town Hall

Back for New Years Eve!
One of the highlights of Detroit was the success of motown records in the 1960s.
Its the sound of three, four and five piece groups making music you just can’t sit still to – you just need to get up and dance, it makes you feel good and forget your troubles. Even some of the great 70s disco hits have that motown feel and sound, with the addition of Soul and Northern Soul we hope we can bring back that sound.
Let Soul In Motion bring some great memories back to you, the line up comprises father and son Ricky and Azzi fronting the show with strong vocals Ricky With his deep rich tones and Azzi with the strong high range together with Andy and Luke bringing the strong harmonies, and newest member Rob, rounding off those harmonies on some of the greatest songs from the Motown stable, including those great 70s hits.

Support group Urban Freeway Band
Urban Freeway Rhythm & Blues Band are the premier Rhythm & Blues five piece band, originally the No Parkin Rhythm & Blues Band and born out of the influences of Blues Rock and play a wide range of ‘ball-breaking’ blues and ‘chill-out’ soul, Ranging from mellow down easy through to down right raucous. Back at the town hall for New Years Eve.

Tickets only £25.00 – available from the town hall box office.